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Golden Honeymoon in the Golden Land

17 days/ 16 nights

"Big-four', Ngapali, Kyaiktiyo & Hpa-An

Honeymoon vacation

from 519 USD/ pax

A well-rounded itinerary embraces different tastes to make your honeymoon vacation much more wonderful. Let the holiest religious sites of Shwedagon Pagoda and Golden Rock witness your love, enjoy the world just two of you amongst the tranquil setting of Inle Lake, or Ngapali’s waves whispering the love song for you.

Wonder what awaits you in your coming 17 days in Myanmar?
  • Hpa-An, the rising star of Myanmar’s resort industry which boasts a serene ambience
  • Golden Rock, the ultimate & unchallenged symbol of undying faith in Buddhism
  • The “Forest of Temples” Bagan, exuding authority that dwarf others
  • Inle Lake, the unspoiled natural beauty and the delicacy of whom recollection lingers longer than the duration of the trip


Arrive in Yangon on the first day of your honeymoon in Myanmar. Fall under the spell of the city’s retro downtown region which features fin-de-siècle buildings, perfectly perpendicular streets and a gilded pagoda to mark their intersection!
As the sunlight dims, be taken aback by the city’s more illuminated alter ego: the towering Buddhist fantasy of Shwedagon Pagoda with golden sheen and the seventy-meter lazing Buddha at Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda. Feel burning reverence in the humming prayers which cloak Yangon in an aura of divine mystery. Overnight at hotel in Yangon.

On the second day of your honeymoon, depart from the glamorous Yangon and venture into the winding road through Bago that will lead you to one of the most sacred religious site of Burma – The Golden Rock Pagoda. Embark on a uphill drive through dense jungle of Mountain Kyaikhtiyo to reach the top where the sacred pagoda on a boulder perching on the cliff in a physics-defying position. Gasp at the sight of the boulder donning a polished layer of gold leaves which have been diligently affixed on its by the pilgrims. Admire the rock’s radiance against the looming shadow that is gradually consuming the sky and the earth. The scene is impossible to miss as the flock of pilgrims suddenly quiets down, bewildered with a sense of content at the masterpiece they have fought their way to visit. Overnight at hotel in Kinpun.

In the morning, contemplate the panoramic view of the surroundings from Kinpun which turn green and grey, covered by mist that hangs around. The magic light has faded under the surging pressure of the sunlight and the natural settings take its place to overwhelm the foreign tourists.
On the way from Kinpun, take a turn to the south where the picturesque Hpa-An is crouching among scenic mountains. Its laid-back atmosphere provides the cooling meditation for the haze caused by the crowd of Mount Kyaikhtiyo. Explore the Hpan-Pu Mountain across the Thanlwin River and marvel at the sight of the sleeping beauty Hpa-An from the top of the mountain. Overnight at hotel in Hpa-An.

Spare the whole day discovering the interesting caves in the outskirts of Hpa-An. Get a thrill out of the overwhelming collection of stalactites and its resident bats. As you reach the other end of the cave, be wowed by a natural lake dotted with water lilies and playful ducks swimming around.
After visiting the caves, drop by to trek Mountain Zwegabin, known for its naughty monkey pulling pranks on unwary tourists. On the way, pass the Lumbini Garden when the last sunlight of the day illuminated the impeccably aligned Buddha statues.
Overnight at hotel in Hpa-An.

In the morning, embark on the trip back to Yangon. You will cross Thaton from which Buddhist originated and permeated the ancient Burma. Listen to a tragedic history where love, deceit and misunderstanding intrigue the beginning of Buddhism and a unified Burma under King Anawrahta.
Once coming back to Yangon, dine on the celestial bird-shaped Karaweik Barge. Your dinner will be accompanied by the exotic dance of Kinnara and Kinnari, the mystical couple whose mutual affection is undivided by any third party. Overnight at hotel in Yangon.

In the morning, wake up to a worldly Yangon that have shaken off their celestial beauty. Inquire the cobblestone inner streets of Bogyoke Market which exhibits colorful and authentic local commodities. Move on to visit the Myanmar Gems Museum – one of the only few places in Yangon to display certified genuine precious stones.
Board the flight from Yangon to Inle Lake. Once landing at Heho Airport, take a cab to the town of Nyaungshwe and then enter Inle Lake where you will check in at a hotel. Be enchanted at first sight by unrivaled spectacle on vibrant water-borne life which you will have time to dig in.
Overnight at hotel on Inle Lake.

Take a canoe ride around the lake to appreciate its opal-blue water and the mountain setting that grants the region some sense of isolation much relished by seclusion-seeking tourists.
Notice the lake’s unusual residence style: the Inthas’ houses on stilts – results of generations adapting to their water-borne living conditions. Laud the quintessence of prowess and delicacy: an Intha fisherman performing their unorthodox rowing technique with an oar wrap around his leg. Endear yourselves with the scene of women tending their floating garden – their primary source of food with much affection. Sample the Shan Plateau’s native cuisine: the infatuation with its flavorful dish is well resonated across the country.
In the evening, take pleasure in the company of a bonfire as it becomes more chilly. Lavish more attention to the sounds and the scents, which crystallize when the dark befalls.
Overnight at hotel on Inle Lake.

Transfer to Heho Airport in the morning and board the morning flight from Inle Lake to Mandalay, the nation’s cultural heart. A rather short-lived seat of power, Mandalay still managed to host some impressive structures that bear spiritual importance until today. There goes the Royal Palace of Mandalay, where the last two monarchs stayed with their family. The nearby Shwenandaw Monastery is also a place of interest with its delicate teak decorations. The Kuthodaw Pagoda, the largest book of the world, is an breathless sight which renders visitors love-struck with its pristine white contour: its 729 marble pages contain the most revered Buddhist sutra.
Overnight at hotel in Mandalay.

After the tour through Mandalay’s renowned Jade Market, consider your time budget to see the ancient cities around Mandalay. A short boat trip will take you to Sagaing, where you will find your tongue tangled as hundreds of pagodas peppering on the side of Sagaing Hill that is caressed with gentle laps of the Irrawaddy River. Scale the highest hill to locate a sacred viewpoint at U Ponya Pagoda to feast on the sights of gilded monuments that brighten its surroundings.
In the afternoon, drop by Amarapura to capture the blushing moment of sunset over U Bein Bridge. The bridge, which was built using the salvaged teak logs from the large-scale relocation of the Royal Palace and the Mahamuni Pagoda, bridges the Taungthaman Lake.
Overnight at hotel in Mandalay.

Move northwest to visit Monywa, one of the more populated cities in Myanmar. Feel your breath being taken away as you enter the impressive Buddhist pagodas of Monywa – be outwitted by their superb grandeur. Expect some haze as you are inside Thanboddhay Pagoda who houses around 500,000 sculptures. Then inquire the picturesque Bodi Tataung which houses over ten thousand Buddha statues, one of them strikes the world record.
Jump on a boat to  explore the fascinating caves of Po Win Taung that were probably inhabited since the pre-human period in Myanmar. These caves are richly decorated with wall paintings and several antique statues of Buddha, providing a glimpse to the possible cradle of human beings. At the end of the day, enjoy a rickshaw ride through the city center.
Overnight at hotel in Monywa.

Depart for Pakokku, a small town in the Magway region – a bustling trading city in its own right. It is well-known for the production of tobacco and Thanaka. You may have heard about the fine quality of Burmese cigar which ranks more or less equal to their Cuban counterpart. Visit a cheroot manufacturing and a local market where they sell Thanaka (yellow-white cosmetic paste made from ground bark which serves as a basic beauty product for Burmese women and children).
From Pakokku, sail down the Irrawaddy River by boat to Bagan. Upon arrival, transfer to your hotel and enjoy your free evening. Overnight at hotel in Bagan.

Devote the entire day to the discovery of Bagan, the most impressive archaeological site in Asia. With over 2000 temples, pagodas and stupas disrupting the horizon, the city which served as the capital of a mighty Burma for four centuries seems to paralyze in a time capsule.
Jump on a horse-drawn carriage and trail along rugged tracks to visit some well-known temples of Bagan. Together with your partner, stick a gold leaf to the four statues of Ananda Temple. Take note of the varying expressions as you look at these Buddha from different angles. Feel overwhelmed with Thatbyinnyu and Dhammayangyi Temples whose sizes dwarf their contemporaries. Maneuver around smaller temples: with diligence and a stroke of luck, you may have an excellent viewpoint to yourself to admire the fiery sunset.
Overnight at hotel in Bagan.

In the morning, marvel at the grand display of earthly life which seasons the arid region of Bagan with its hustle and bustle. Gasp at the bizarre selection of agricultural produce on sale at Nyaung Oo Market where people from nearby regions come to trade. Listen to conversations humming like a bee hive in action and experience an authentic market representative of those in rural Asia. After sampling a taste of traditional markets, take a detour to the nearby town Salay. Soften at the town’s laid-back colonial style, which – contrast to the grandeur of Downtown Yangon – features residences with fading paints hidden behind placid starfruit trees and antique temples unaccustomed to the presence of electricity. Make use of your moments in this sequestered place – so immune to the drastic change that waves of tourists bring to this country.
Return to Bagan and overnight at hotel in Bagan.

Take a flight to escape the heat of the central Myanmar to go to Ngapali Beach. Upon arrival at Thandwe airport, hop on the bus which will take you to your hotel. Be welcomed by the premier beach escape, which ranks among the finest in Asia. Gasp at the sight of rock nestling under the crystal clear water which meets the sky at an infinite point.
As the sun retires and the light display is tinged with red lights, have a bbq by the seaside. Listen to the wind shushing through the palm trees and the waves whispering their eternal songs

During your two days in Ngapali, enjoy the tranquility of one of the most unspoiled beach in Asia. After some swimming and bathing in the morning, spice up your day with a hot-air balloon trip to get the view over the vast area of Ngapali. Opt to visit the nearby fishery villages to get an eyeful of their traditional fishing techniques and cuisine, which bears so much distinction from those of mainland as the ingredient is ocean fishes not river fishes.
In the morning, start a bonfire on the beach and collect driftwood or scattered stones to make some vintage seating. As the bonfire snap and toss sparks, contemplate the scene of the sea during the absence of sunlight.
Overnight at hotel in Ngapali.

Free day for relaxation and shopping. Depending on your schedule, transfer to the airport for your departure flight.

budget ideas

Number of people6 pax4 pax2 pax
Price per person$519$615$810
The price is determined based on twin/ double room (2 star).

What's included

  • Domestic flights Yangon/ Heho, Heho/ Mandalay, Bagan/ Thandwe, Thandwe/ Yagon
  • 15 nights with breakfast in a double room in standard hotels. If you want to stay in superior hotels, please contact us
  • All excursions and visits mentioned (entry fees included)
  • The services of an English speaking guide for each region
  • Private transfers with driver; 2 bottles of water/person every day

What's not included

  • International airfare and taxes airport
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Visa-on-arrival
  • Tips, drinks and personal expenses
  • Services and activities not included in the program

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