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Mrauk U – Little Known Archaeological Site

With hundreds of temple ruins, Mrauk U – little known archaeological site is located on the western coast of Myanmar in the state of Rakhine. Formerly called Arakan, Mrauk-U (or Myohaung) is a fairly isolated town of the main destinations of the country. It will take 5-7 hours to reach Mrauk-U by boat from Sittwe.
It was the capital of the state of Arakan in its golden age from 1431 until 1785 when it was seized by Burma. Separated from the rest of Myanmar by a chain of high mountains and thick jungles, Rakhine State rich traditions remains almost intact.
The kingdom of Arakan was once one of the most powerful in history. King Min Saw Mon built the city of Mrauk U in 1433. It was a leading commercial city during his time and network channels allowed small and large vessels to come. They had developed trade with the Middle East, Asia, Holland, Portugal and Spain.
With its temples, Mrauk U is a destination comparable to Bagan. It is called the ‘small Bagan’.

Places to discover

➢ The Royal Palace – the ruins of the Royal Palace which was built in 1430 can still be seen. The palace had massive wooden columns that were burned.
➢ The Shittaung Pagoda – His name means “the pagoda with 80,000 statues.” It was built in 1535 by King Minbin. It has a labyrinth-like ground layout inside.
➢ The Koetaung Pagoda – Its name means “the sanctuary to 90,000 statues”.
➢ Andaw Pagoda – Approximately 10 meters from the Shittaung pagoda, it was built by King Minhlaraza in 1521.
➢ The Yadanabon Pagoda – The largest pagoda in this region. It was donated by the King Min Khamong and Queen Shin Htwe in 1612.
➢ Dukkanthein – Built by King Minphalaung in 1571, it is located approximately 100 meters northwest of the Shittaung pagoda.
➢ PitakaTaik – About 300 meters north of the Dukkanthein pagoda. Built by King Minphalaung in 1591 as a depository for Tripitaka, the complete Buddhist scriptures.
➢ The Sakkyamanaung Pagoda – It is located about one kilometer northeast of the old walls of the palace. It was built by King Thirithudhamma Raza in 1629.

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