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Ngwe Saung & Chaung Tha Beaches

With more than two thousand kilometers of coastline, Myanmar is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Asia. Bordered by lush coconut palms, miles of soft white sand beaches stretch along shimmering cerulean seas from the Bay of Bengal to the Andaman Sea. Besides the premier beach of Ngapali, the Silver Beach- Ngwe Saung and Chaung Tha Beaches also possess unspotted beauty and mythical allure.


Recently opened in the year of 2000, Ngwe Saung is one of the loveliest and most pleasant beaches in Myanmar. Located in Ayeywardy Division, Ngwe Saung with a beach frontage on the Bay of Bengal with its clear turquoise water, its white crested waves, sandy beaches and unspoiled natural surroundings, is indeed one of the best places to have a holiday interlude of relaxation.
Ngwe Saung’s silver beach stretches in unbroken line for some 15 kilometers, its blue water, its soft white sand, its scenic and occasionally rocky shoreline, all set against the back drop of tropical forests and towering Rakhine mountain ranges.


The beach is one of the most laid- back places in the country, it’s really enjoyable to sit back and take the sun’s rays and contemplate picturesque beach views.
You can walk to some islands in the southern end of the beach, where is accessible by foot when the tide is out. Otherwise, you can hire boats to some islands that lie a few kilometers offshore, offering snorkeling opportunities in the crystal water, amongst the corals and colorful fishes.
A good way to spend a few hours is to hire a bicycle and take a ride to the town. It would be a good chance to interact with locals, rather than just cooped up in your resorts.
After a long walk along the beach, you will surely run into the Kyauk Maumghnama Pagoda, brother and sister rocks. The twin pagodas of Hsutaungpi perched on the two rock is an especially photogenic area of the beach.
Besides, the elephant camp can be visited on the way to Ngwe Saung. Lover’s Island is a perfect spot to see the sunset.

How to get there

Depending your preference of transport and budget, you can access Ngwe Saung by airplane or bus from either Yangon or Pathein. It takes around eight hours to drive, the road are not smooth and prepare for a bumpy ride. While a fly from Pathein takes less than a half hour.

Practical information

You should notice that most hotels close during monsoon season (from May- October). There is a few hotels open throughout the year. It’s still a nice time to visit, but swimmer should be aware that currents can be extremely dangerous, and there is no beach guard and security equipment.
Ngwe Saung is less exclusive than Ngapali, but it is significantly closer to Yangon, and offers a wide range of middle accommodations.  


One of the three most famous beaches in Myanmar, Chaung Tha is a quiet Bay of Bengal coastal town. Less popular to foreign tourists than Ngapali or nearby Ngwe Saung, it is a fun beach resort that’s popular with Burmese middle- class. The vast shoreline provides plenty of refuge, it’s perfect both for couples seeking romantic getaway and solo travelers looking for unwind quietly.
The beach is only two kilometers long and lacks white sand perfection as Ngapali and Ngwe Saung, but seafood is fresh, the beach is pretty clean, and beach vendors are not pushy. So it’s nothing could go wrong if you are in budget and in need of proper sun and sand.


You can relax on the chairs and umbrellas set up for guests in front of resorts, and pamper yourself in a lovely beaches.
Five minutes from Chaung Tha by ferry, Pokala is a small island, where is home to some of the region’s cleanest and prettiest beaches. The island is perfect for those looking to escape the beach for an hour. Take a trek around the island includes volcanic shoreline, dense jungles, and a small village of wooden huts.
Fins, marks, and snorkels are available for rent from vendors along Chaung Tha Beach. There are a couple of rock and coral formations off the beach that are fun to snorkel around. Fishing trips for groups or individuals are also available.
It offers plenty classic beach activities including horse riding, bicycle, inflatable rings…

Getting there

The beach is accessible from Yangon by bus, car or taxi. Buses leave Yangon at 6:00 am and 9:00 pm in high season, and take 5- 6 hours to reach Chaung Tha despite of short distance. The buses make 2 to 3 scheduled stops along the way. You could rent a car with driver from your hotel, it could be relatively expensive but you’ll get a fairy relaxing trip. The most convenient way is asking taxi driver in Yangon, if you’re traveling in group of 3-4, it’s worthwhile. Be warned, the roads are very bumpy and in bad shapes.

Practical information
Please note that most hotels and services shut during low season (May- October), there is a limited number remain open around the year.

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