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Health & Security Information for Travelers to Myanmar

Travel is upon your decision, and you’re responsible for your personal safety. To have the most pleasant trip, before you go, check all health & security information for travelers to Myanmar. Well-prepared to have a ‘golden trip’ in the ‘golden land’.


No special vaccination is required to enter the country. However, it is imperative to be updated for all “universal” vaccines: hepatitis B, tetanus, polio, whooping cough, diphtheria. It is advisable to be vaccinated against hepatitis A and typhoid fever. For those wishing to make visits to the country, we recommend you to perform preventive vaccine against rabies.
It is also advisable to make a vaccine against Japanese encephalitis (severe disease) which prevails during the monsoon season in some countries (check with your doctor).

Risks and Precautions

Tap water is not potable. We also do not recommend using ice cubes when you are not sure of their provenance.
Beware of diarrhea! The best way to prevent or cure is to eat rice and drink tea. Remember to take medication. 
Sore throat or tonsillitis can also disturb your journey. Provide adequate medication.
The main inconvenience in this region of the world is mosquitoes. It is essential to put in his luggage a good anti mosquito. We also advise you not to forget to sleep under mosquito nets for your comfort.
Dengue is a disease transmitted by mosquitoes, symptoms are fever, fatigue, nausea and skin reaction. In general, recovery occurs after a week with treatments against the symptoms.
The palud is also present in Burma. Check with a travel medicine clinic or after your doctor.

Medical kit

It is best to preparing a medical kit including some essentials because Myanmar does not have any international drugs.
Here is our simple suggestions when you travel with us : 
Bandages and medicines :
Adhesive plaster
Preventive antimalarial
Analgesics : paracetamol
Anti diarrheal
Antispasmodic : Spasfon
Broad-spectrum antibiotic (beware of allergies)
Anti-emetic : Primperan® or MOTILIUM®
Standard drugs


Mosquito repellent
Also plan a raincoat as it can rain at any time, even during the dry season.


Although the country is a producer of opium, the drug is illegal in the country and any holder risks heavy penalties.

The Burmese are nice but you need to be careful if you go to tourist attractions, pickpockets on the lookout for tourists operates mostly in major cities and markets. Avoid carry jewels and leave your passport, airline tickets and other valuables in the hotel safe. 
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