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Packing for Myanmar Trip

Once the tickets are booked, the itinerary is decided, it’s time to depart for Myanmar! Then the next question comes: what to packing for Myanmartrip? Although Myanmar is a captivating and interesting country, it is not easy to get around. In order to make the most of your time in this intriguing country, there are some simple notes to follow when deciding Myanmar packing list!


The first thing comes to your mind must be what to wear during your trip. There are two things that you should pay attention, which are :

✔ Culture adaption : Myanmar’s climate is relatively hot, so pack light clothing. For the cool season, carry light clothes made of cotton or fabric. In mountainous areas like Inle Lake, Kalaw, Pyin Oo Lwin and Kengtung, prepare a jacket or warm sweater, because the nights can be very cold between November and February.
In the rainy season, a light raincoat or umbrella is needed. When visiting temples, you will be asked to remove your shoes. So remember to bring shoes that are easy to remove. It is also mandatory to dress modestly to enter. Men should wear long pants that cover their knees, and women should wear clothes which cover their shoulders, chests, and knees. Being modest to show your respect to the local norms, and it’s best to stick to less revealing clothes even when just walking around the cities and towns.

✔ Avoid wearing flashy jewelries : Myanmar is relatively safe country and local people are amazingly friendly. However, when traveling abroad, you should try to lend in as much as possible.


There are very little ATM in Myanmar and almost establishments only accept paying by cash. You should budget your trip ahead of time, and exchange your money to US dollar, and local currency- the kyat as well. It’s good to bring a mix of hundreds, twenties, and ones to pay for all the needs. In addition, keep your money close to your body, in a money belt is a good choice.


To avoid mosquitos and sun, bring plenty sun tan lotion and insect repellent. Do remember to bring a plug adapter for your electronics. Most sockets will use the typical type of rectangular-shaped holes horizontal to each other. To travel light, bring only essential medicines including Imodium/Pepto-Bismol, Aspirin/Ibuprofen, a few bandages, and Neosporin. It is a good idea to have a headlamp on hand, especially when you’re in remote areas of Myanmar. Power disruptions may happen suddenly. 
At every stays during your trip, they will supply you with toilet paper, but it is recommended to bring some tissues with you on your treks or your visit to local villages. There is little disposable towel are great to clean your feet after visiting temples and pagodas, wet wipes are necessary. For women travelers, if you are going to need feminine products, then bring them. We can’t make sure we can buy it immediately as it is not always available at every parts of the country. One more thing, many travelers think of their own gift to give to local children, but if you are not think of this, we advice you to bring some small games, postcards, or candies from your own country. It is much appreciated by any Burmese you meet along the way.

To minimum all the needs to packing for Myanmar trip, you should consider the following list :

  • Passport, and the photocopies (just in case)
  • Cash
  • Clothing : modest and light
  • Flip-flops and hiking shoes
  • Camera
  • First aid kit
  • Sunscreen and mosquito repellent
  • Toiletries
  • Money belts
  • Padlock for bag

Every traveler has his own needs, so consider your comfort thresholds when planning your Myanmar travel packing list.

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