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For past years, there are more and more customers have traveled with us and share the same passion for discovery Myanmar. We make this section of collecting the impressions and remarks of our travelers. Whether positive or negative, they help us to evolve our services. 
We invite you to contact them. They are ready to give you (if available) their opinion on our agency as well as give useful information for the preparation of your trip. 
Hope to see your comments coming soon to this section! 

Dear Myanmar travel, dear Ms Hang

First and foremost I would like to say we were enchanted with your beautiful country and your beautiful smiling and welcoming people! 
Ms Hang prepared our itinerary with care and thoughtfulness and followed our progress around Myanmar. We will definitely recommend your agency to our friends planning to come to Myanmar , or indeed the other countries you cover.
My very special thanks to ms Hang for an excellent organisation. Every time we stepped off a plane our drivers were waiting, we saw many wonderful sites.
I would particularly like to thank Nandar and Bobo our guide and driver in Yangon, Golden Rock and Hpa An. Nandar was really an exceptional guide who speaks extremely good English, has a knowledge and passion for your culture and history and went above and beyond her duty as a guide to make sure we were happy and well looked after. Bobo’s skill at the driving wheel kept us feeling safe and confident during our travels and he helped a lot if the walking or climbing became difficult for us.
My special thanks also to our very expert guide, Hein Tun on the boat from Kawthaung. He went out of the way to ensure our boat cruise was comfortable, interesting, and we were treated like kings! The crew of the Mergui Princess were welcoming, attentive and helpful. The chef prepared the best food we ate in the whole trip and you should have no hesitation in recommending this boat cruise. I do think that the three day cruise is the perfect balance and you should always suggest the possibility of having the cruise just for two, if your clients are interested in paying more for this type of exclusivity.
So all in all a very big THANK YOU from both of us!
Kinds regards
Debbie and Jacques

Debbie Hoar
Address: Belgium
Travel time: March 2019

Hello Ms. Yen,

Thank you from the bottom of our heart for the well organized trip. Everything were in good order and everything promised were delivered. My family and I enjoyed the whole journey and experience very much and would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone.
We are still struggling to understand the unfortunate incident at the Loft Hotel but its small amount (US$100) so I am happy to just ignore this incident in the scale of the whole positive experience.
Couple of feedback; hopefully helpful to your company;

– The service at Yangon is the best (compared to Bagan and Mandalay although they are also very good). On arrival, we were provided with full itinerary and instruction for the next journey and activities, nicely and neatly in envelopes. Although all ok in Bagan and Mandalay, we have to ask to ensure they are in good order. The cruise starting in Bagan was not properly informed although all good in the end.
– The Irrawaddy Voyages Cruise is really our highlight. We are glad to know it’s a locally owned cruise (compared to other cruises). Your effort to use local owned and operated company is well appreciated.

Again, many thanks for the wonderful experience.

Mr Charng Jing CHEE
Address: Autralia
Travel time: January 2019

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your email. And yes, here we are again in Ireland!
We could not thank you more for the great moments we had in Myanmar, everything was perfect.  We also appreciated our friend Tin Tun (an incredible gentleman!) Other guides were also great, proficient in English, very knowledgeable about their region, and passionate about their culture.
I do not see a particular point to improve in your itinerary; our accommodations were all spot on, comfortable and some were new (remarkable in Bagan, Inle and especially Ngapali). One thing we might have changed would be to have an extra day in Yangon at the beginning to recover from our long flights. Otherwise, we believed the trip had good pacing.
Here are our impressions, a big applause for your dedicated organization. We also appreciated your phone call to know if everything was going well. In short an excellent memory.

Best regards,

Lexie Campbell
Address: Ireland
Tour name: Amazing Family Tour & Ngapali Beach
Travel time: 12-25 October 2018

We had a private escorted tour for 2 people for 15 days. Yangon, Golden Rock, Pindaya, Kakku, Inle, Mandalay, Bagan, and Ngapoli. Guide/car/driver in each spot, they didn’t miss a beat. The cars arrived on schedule, we were met at each stop, and we enjoyed the guides and had long full days. Very attentive service! I would feel comfortable working with Myanmar Discovery next time, assuming their advance booking staff is as good as the escort staff. Guides spoke English well enough but they varied in their proficiency and pronunciation…
The tour really covers the best places to visit and I would have to say that each and every day was a highlight of itself. The agency wouldn’t take you anywhere that is not safe. Absolutely no risk to visit the country.

Highly recommend the agency and Myanmar as a destination!

Centaine Marescia
Address: Townsville, Australia
Travel time: 7 Sep – 21 Sep 2018

Dear Ms. Lan,

Thank you for your message, our return flight to Malaysia went very well. We spent 11 nights in Myanmar and we could not thank you more for your great work. We were very well taken care by our guides. My family will retain a good memory of this trip. We were able to discover so many interesting places, the food was divinely good and Myanmar people very hospitable. You can count on us to advise your agent to our friends and acquaintances. We would be interested in another trip to your country in the future.

Very cordially,

Michael Chiang
Address: Malaysia
Travel time: August 2018

Yes, we went back to Australia 4 days ago and still have a little trouble getting back to daily life after this wonderful trip.

Thanks to you and all Myanmar Discovery team, we were able to discover your beautiful country and especially its people. Despite the language barrier, we had very warm exchange with locals who we met during our visit. One of the well-noted must be for your guides, they’re fully professional. Send them a big thank from our side.
Every day, we enjoyed your unfailing organization, the beauty of landscapes, the variety of program offered, and the punctuality of the drivers. We stayed in 3-star hotels and all great value for money.
In summary, we had a great vision of Myanmar. Before we contacted with your agency, we were not knowing your country, but now we return our home with full images and general impression that will keep us in memory for a long time.

Wish you all the best for your business.

Noah Flynn
Address: Adelaide, Australia
Travel time: May 2018

Good afternoon,

We would like to thank Ms. Lan for designing such a wonderful and unforgettable trip to Myanmar. It was a great and well-arranged trip and every suggestion from you, right from choosing Paramount Resort in Inle or the bike ride around the lake was simply great. A beautiful resort in the middle of the beautiful lake with the best stuff I have ever met. The cottage is very impressive with many Myanmar details. The staff at Paramount were incredibly helpful and nice.
As for our guides, the 4 people who accompanied were all knowledgeable. They gave us many interesting information about Burmese culture and people.
We have an improvement proposal that maybe you should describe more about the boat trip from Mandalay to Bagan. The 11-12 hours cruise was really long and tiring. We are not sure about other guests who took the same trip as us, but we didn’t see many during the cruise, the scenery stayed the same!
Overall it was fantastic and one of the coolest trip we ever had. Thanks to Myanmar Discovery and special thanks to Ms. Lan.

Lucie Fink
Address: Hasselt, Belgium
Travel time: 9-21 April 2018

Dear Ms Hang,

Thank you very much for your great assistance and help.
Our trip was very enjoyable and we were particularly happy with the guides in Bagan and Mandalay.
I believe that for the short time we had, we made the most out of it.
Maybe the only things that were not so pleasant were the very long bus rides, particularly that between Yangon and Inle over a construction road site, almost entirely in the last part. It took us over 12 hours.

Also the ferry ride between Bagan and Mandalay is very long and tiring and honestly one cannot see much of the landscape because the river sides are far. And the landscape actually does not change much over the 12 hours (the ride took much longer than you said in the program, nearly 12 hours).

All in all we were satisfied. PS attached is a group photo
Many thanks,

Best regards,

Mr Dolce
Address: Italia
Travel time: 13 days (26 Feb-10 Mar 2018)

Dear Ms Hang,

Many thanks for your interest. Yes, we had an effective flight to our city, but really long, about 24 hours.

Really, what we discovered was more than we expected. You have a nice country, where we appreciated mainly the kindness of your people. We were impressed by your temples and how religion is part of the daily life. Main consideration must be for your guides, fully professional. Please congratulate them from our side. We liked the trip a lot, I think it is a complete vision of your country.
As a proposal of improvement, maybe you should inform better in your travel brochure about the hardness of the trip to the monastery. Although it was a fantastic experience, maybe some people could not be able to do it. I have commented the trip with my family and in the work and all are excited about your country. I have sent several pictures via “we transfer”, as the memory of each picture is big and not able to be sent by mail.  Again, many thanks for your help in this trip, regards.

Mr Esteban
Address: Barcelona, Spain
Travel time: 08-22 August 2017

Good evening,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful dinner and I’m looking forward to our refund. I will pm you again when we go back and settle in the hotel in Yangon.

We had a wonderful time both in Yangon and Bagan. Our only regret is we did not see the balloons flying due to bad weather. We are now in Mandalay ready to make more memorable experience to complete our Myanmar vacation. At this point I would like to thank you for the help you have extended to the group.

Ms Aboga Pasion
Address: Philippines
Travel time: 09-16 October 2017

Dear Ms Hang,

Thank you so much for putting together the fantastic 3 weeks trip we just made in Myanmar. The best trip we ever done!
We really loved it and everything worked perfectly. There were so many interesting places to visit, the guides were great, the people very kind and the food very good.

The Thande Beach Hotel we stayed at in Ngapali was extremely good for being a 3 star hotel. The facilities and the beach outside the hotel was much better than the 4 star hotel you suggested as an alternative. Our Deluxe room we had was very spacious, had a nice view and a nice terrace where we even saw a piece of the sea.
The hotel had both sun chairs on a sun deck, at the pool and at the beach, so it was always possible to find shadow somewhere. The hotel was also conveniently located close to beach massage, local restaurants both on the beach and in the village. For your future customers I would rather recommend a Sea View bungalow at Thande than a 4 star hotel.

The only improvement proposals we have are that you maybe should consider providing hotel vouchers. In Bagan and Thande they asked for vouchers and it took some time for them to realize that it wasn’t needed. We also suggest that you update the general information about Myanmar. There are plenty with ATMs at all locations except Inle Lake so no issue to withdraw money.

We also propose that you recommend your customers to buy a local sim card. It works much better than the wi-fi in the hotels, where we had issues in almost all of them. We were impressed, it even worked in the middle of the country side. It was also very cheap, 5000 kyat incl.  2 GB surf for 30 days. Also very easy to top up the amount.

We have now arrived at the hotel in Bangkok, not the best one, but OK and nicely located in the city center. Now we are looking forward to a nice stay in Thailand, but we think it will be tough to beat our Myanmar experience

Ms Gerdner
Address: Gothenburg, Sweden
Tour name: Grand Crossing & Seaside holiday
Duration: 16 Nov - 05 Dec 2017

I would have written to you sooner, but too much works after two-week off for my first Myanmar trip. I and my friends all enjoyed our journey in Myanmar and have great memories of this trip.
As we traveled as a group of five, we need more discussion, and you, with your knowledge, managed to meet our demands. We would like to thanks for your efforts. Our trip went really smooth. Our guides, friendly and funny, helped us known about this fascinating country and its nice people. Other services are comfortable and as good as it was described in the program. The transfers were in time, and the hotels were nice. We really love the ones in Inle Lake. We will never forget this trip: when we cruised from Mandalay to Bagan, when we tasted wine at vineyard near Inle and enjoyed the sunset. All were precious and memorable.
It must be great if I will have chance to take a trip with your agency in the future. Hope Myanmar Discovery will be more succeed!

Address: Lucerne, Switzerland
Travel time: March 2017

Myanmar Discovery made our trip easier, filled with amazing adventures. It seems that we got a sense of Burma people, their culture and their history after this wonderful trip. We’ll remember every moment in this magical land.
Our consultant and our guide were very helpful. They always cared about our desires.
Thank you so much for everything!
We wish Myanmar Discovery a new year 2017 with more success!

Steven Lim & family

Mr. Steven LIM & his family
Address: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Travel time: 6/11-23/11/2016

Going to Myanmar has been a dream since many years back. However I didn’t have whole lot of time to plan for a backpacking trip on my own. I wrote to over 10 travel agencies and your agency was the first to return my mail and coincidentally also the one to make the best offer on my 7 day itinerary which includes destinations like Yangon, Bagan and Inle Lake. If you are looking for fast responses, good prices and worry free travel arrangements in Myanmar, look no further than Myanmar Discovery.

Mr. Chee Hiang Teo
Address: Teck Whye, Singapore
Travel time: 29 January - 04 February 2017

Good morning, 
I am sorry that we didn’t write to you earlier. We have arrived in France and resumed our daily routines, yet beautiful images of Burma is still in our heads. We believe that we should thank you for this great tour. Burma is a beautiful country! The landscapes are gorgeous, the Burmese are adorable and surprisingly kind. 
Thank you for the organization of our trip that generally met our expectations. Despite the rain, we were able to take full advantage of the days we spend in your country and have made many discoveries about its history, its culture, its religion, its current development in the modern world, its beautiful landscapes, people’s everyday lives … short , a nice overview over 2 weeks!!! 
With regards to the tour schedule, the diversity of the proposed activities (visits pagodas, temples, carriage rides, the boat, mountain treks …) gave us so much things to see, discover, share, enjoy … in the city, the countryside, the traditions that we didn’t have time to get bored!
We are very pleased with the friendliness, professionalism, punctuality of our guide and drivers and compliance with the program as a whole, as well as the selection of hotels. 
In addition, we thank you for your presence and support throughout this journey. You were very attentive to our needs, our health and our comfort. 
We attach the evaluation form we fill as a whole. The remarks we have made are only small details. It does not change what we think of you, you’re great. 
We will be sure to talk about your agency to our families, friends and colleagues. 
Good luck to the continuation of your business activities!

Bouvier and Lairet families
Address: Paris, France
Travel time: 01- 16 Junly 2016

Hi all the team,

We were well back in the US. We have nothing to complain about your service. Thanks to your organization, our holiday became easier.
We are thankful to our travel consultant. She suggested an itinerary that allowed us to visit Buddhist pagodas and temples and to see natural landscapes as we’d loved. We enjoyed a lot the sunset at Swhedagon Pagoda, the sunrise in Bagan, the beautiful countryside and people in Shan state… Myanmar is such an incredible country and undiscovered gem!!!
Our local guides are all knowledgeable. They gave us much interesting information about Burmese culture and history.
We would trust your agency again without hesitation. We have also recommended your service to many of my friends.

Wish you all the best for your business.

Mr & Mrs CLARK
Address : Chicago, US
Travel time : 6-21 December 2016

Hello Hoa, a quick note to thank you from the trip you have organized for us. We loved your country’s beauty, the people’s kindness and above all we would like to send a big thank you to our guide “Mo Mo”. It was a pleasure to share with him those 15 days. He was very caring of the group and was able to understand our expectations. 
We were attracted by the entrepreneurial spirit that has enabled us to discover unusual sites that were not included in the program. 
The hotels you had reserved for us corresponded exactly to our request. 
In the opinion of all, many thanks to you, this exceptional trip will remain one of our best memories. 
I would not hesitate to recommend your agency to people around me. 
Well done and thank you much! 


Mr. Bellamy Descoteaux
Address: Bordeaux, France
Travel time: 22/04/2016 to 05/05/2016

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