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Irrawaddy River Cruises

Wonder how to embark memorable Myanmar vacations? Irrawaddy cruises surely satisfy you with unique perspective of stunning scenery and local life.
Myanmar has over 8000 km of waterways, the most important being the Irrawaddy (Ayeyarwady). Originating from Himalaya in the north, the Irrawaddy crosses the country from north to south for about 2000 km, ending in delta before joining the Indian Ocean. Called “Mother River” by the Burmese, this legendary river is the “royal road” of a secret Burma with mines of jade and rubies, plantations and forests.
Throughout the year, steamers can go up the Irrawaddy river, Yangon to Myitkyina or Bhamo.
The most enjoyable way have a vacation in Myanmar is certainly to take a cruise along the fascinating Irrawaddy. You will have a unique perspective on the magnificent landscapes and scenes of rural life along the river which will transport you back in time.
Most cruises depart from Bagan and Mandalay, and some rarer Yangon. These cruises of short duration can be added to your program in Burma.

ultimate CRUISE ITINERAries


Duration: 4 days      |       Type: Discovery & Culture

Destination: Bagan, Yandabo, Inwa, Sagaing, Mandalay
This cruise trip takes you on an ultimate travel against the flow of Irrawaddy River – one that not many have done before

Duration: 3 days      |       Type: Discovery & culture

Destination: Mandalay, Yandabo, Mountain Tangyi, Bagan
The boat brings you downstream and against the flow of the history – from the last royal capital to the mighty Bagan
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